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Sixth Boro Details 10

I’ve been meaning to ask about this lumber on the piers at Red Hook container terminal.  Not quite a year ago an unusual looking vessel called Mozu Arrow deposited these bundles of lumber.  Here‘s another shot showing all the bundles.  All through the stories of lumber being outrageously expensive,  this lumber stayed here.  In some […]

Exotics 5

Here are the previous posts in this series.  So what is this? It’s an ultra deepwater geotechnical drilling vessel.  It’s not drilling in the Upper Bay .  .  . although it has the gear to do so. With that helo pad above the wheelhouse, it looks to be what is associated with ports like Rio and […]

Aweigh 2017

It turns out, I’ve done a post like this once before . . .  in 2012 here.  When I took the next two photos on Tuesday, I’d thought all the fleet week vessels had already departed.  Well, wrong . . . there went LHD-3 USS Kearsarge . . . which reminded me this would be […]

East River Sight to Behold 3

The first six photo here comes from Jonathan Steinman, taken on June 13.  The Donjon tugs has delivered Chesapeake 1000 to a point just off Rockefeller University’s campus to prepare for lifting prefabricated modules for Rockefeller’s River Campus. Step one for Donjon is to secure the gargantuan crane. Then Atlantic Salvor moves into place to receive the […]

East River Sight to Behold

Many thanks to Jonathan Steinman for these remarkable photos.  McAllister Girls and Ellen (or Robert?) tow Empire State to the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Indeed, it is a sight to behold a tow like this on the East River!

Government Boats 24

Kudos to Joe, Walt, and Starbuck for the answers to the question I posed here a few days ago.  Here’s as much as I know from an exhibit at Vicksburg. I believe a larger number of folks south of the Mason-Dixon Line know a lot more about the Civil War than most of us up here: […]

Other People’s Fotos 9

I’d planned something different for today, but then my inbox started to fill.  And it makes me happy to feel a community building here.  So . . . thanks all for reading and sending fotos and links.  I wanted to go out taking fotos, but a pile of tasks told me to stay home. First, […]

Sixth Boro Random Delights 4

A laker (or ex-laker) in salt water . . . now that’s a thought that delights me, although I admit the foto is less than mediocre, but it’s Pioneer.  Quite a few salties ply the Great Lakes.  Note the characteristic self-unloading gear midships.  She looks to be a sibling of M/V Ambassador, which last appeared here […]


Thanks to Joel Milton for this foto.  Romer Shoal Light dwarfed by the sky?  If so, here’s some info on origin of name, which I wanted to spell “roamer,” which would make it an especially treacherous shoal and ingenuous light.   Zeebart recently sent this lighthouse link. This foto illustrates the profound attraction big water exerts:  […]