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1962 WYTL Auction

ENDS THIS AFTERNOON . . .  I had planned something else for today, but this auction ends in just a few hours.  Impulse buy anyone? As of this morning, high bid is just under $10,000.  Some details here:  “1962 Gibbs Corp. Growler Harbor and icebreaking tug. HIN: WYTL-65606; Length: 64~11″; Beam: 19~1″; Draft: 9~; Builder: […]

Ice Pick

How about cold pics today, like these first two of Line.   For the story, click here, an article that never got paper published. What floats in the Hudson here is like what floats in my tea all day.   I recall that the crew I interviewed here told me I should try to see […]

Ice Work on the Hudson 3

Note:  I wrote this a year ago for a print publication, but they’ve not used it.  It’s timely, so here it is in its entirety.  The style is different because of its history and intention.  Here was my post #1 with this title from January 2010.  And HERE was 2. Line crosses the ice fields covering […]

Transitioning 9

This 1962 WYTL has looked like this ever since I first saw her, which was likely 2005. She was built early in the string in WYTLs, earlier than the ones still used in the sixth boro and upriver by the USCG. The photos above and below I took in 2010 in Mystic, and this one […]

1932 Quarantine Tug, etc.

Many thanks to Steve Seely of New Brunswick, Canada, for sending these photos and this story. Never heard of a “quarantine tug?”  Well, neither had I.  But here it is, launched at Bath Iron works in October 1932 as a tug for the US Public Health Service, christening with ginger ale–since it happened to be […]

Small Tugs 3

The first four photos come with many thanks to Bonnie frogma, the intrepid “river rat” who’s currently devoting lots of time to preparations for arrival to the sixth boro of Hokule’a.  I know nothing about this particular Lil Toot. Bonnie took these photos on Jamaica Bay.  Note the cliffs of Manhattan in the distance. Emily […]

Government Boats 21

Here was 20.  And below is Wire, Saugerties-based “boat of the year” at the 2012 Waterford Tugboat Roundup.  In less than a year, the New Bern NC Barbour WYTL will be a half-century old, although to me she looked brand spanking new. Note the crane on Gelberman‘s stern:  she’s one of several debris-collectors operated by […]


I rejected calling this “government boats xx” because the vessels belong have more in common than that. Boundary keeping makes up part of their mission. Griffon patrols the border between two countries, maybe on a political ice-breaking mission . . . Penobscot Bay cruises through Hell Gate between tidal straits aka “rivers,” these RB-S‘s between […]

Government Boats 3

Here’s another installment in this series.   This blue vessel coming west on the East River enjoys a second life. T/V Kings Pointer, its current name, began life as an ocean surveillance vessel. See particulars with the navy here and the specs here. Example of spec info? Fuel capacity…   …almost 230,000 gallons. This vessel, […]