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USS New York 3

The last in the series includes the short video below and focuses on some of the folks in the harbor this quite windy Monday morning, including McAllister Brothers and Sea Knights (thanks Jed for pointing out they weren’t Chinooks) as well as a Schweizer-300 carrying an intrepid photojournalist and fine pilot. RB-S boats were hither […]

USS New York 2

OK, as Jed points out in his quite elaborate comment (thanks, Jed)  . . . it’s PCU (pre-commissioning unit) New York for a few days yet.  By the way, by the count of A. G. Sulzberger, this new New York is USS New York number seven.  Might it be that the cost of the previous […]

USS New York

See Bowsprite’s POV here.  What’s my version of events?  What’s my  story? Actually what are the stories? There are many, as is always the case.  Here and here are links too.   Leave a comment with yours?  Some people call this crowd-sourcing;  broadcast media have done this all along, calling it interviewing reduced to sound […]

USS Nemo

As you read this, I’m west of the Mississippi following the muddy tributary of the muddy Mississip, but I thought I’d remotely set signals to go up.  Here’s a WW2 story that intersects the sixth boro in a way I’d never heard . .  .  the Chicago museum I and most of you know as […]

USS Slater 2020 Shipyard Trip a

Here , here, and here were posts from the 2014 dry-docking. In July 2020, she heads down to Staten Island for another dry-docking, partly to address issues other than in 2014.  The photo below captures an 0600 view.  Today’s post covers the first three hours of the next 24, as it makes its way down […]

Newtown Creek Watershed

I finally got up there, where the ironclad Monitor was built, where Exxon spilled 1.5 times the amount of oil spilled they did in Prince William Sound, where ghosts of the Mespeatches remain.   Juxtaposing nature and industry hasn’t privileged the Creek, although rehabilitation efforts of the NTC Alliance deserve great applause. Note in the […]

Meeting the Fleet 2019b

Wednesday was such a spectacular day for parading into NYC’s Upper Bay that even the cormorant took notice. USS New York had this Osprey on its deck, surrounded by a crew of sailors and marines. Previous appearances of USS New York, in the harbor and on this blog, can be found here.   Also in […]

Along Bayou Lafourche

At my age . . . I’ve come to some places where –at each–I could spend a lifetime;  choices need to be made.  And if I can’t spend that much time at each, the alternative might be to just keep moving . . . since it’s too hard to figure out how to get access. […]

Futures and Mischief

New profiles in the air? Outline of a futuristic heavy-lift ship with a dynarig?  Hot seas giving off vapors of methane? Maybe I’m just losing my mind? Nah . . . I’ll cut the silliness.  I was just lucky to catch this shot of Maltese Falcon as it passed by the west side of Blue […]

Retro Sixth Boro 41

These photos I took back in September 2011. This boat became Bouchard Boys and is now in Red Hook waiting to be repainted as Stasinos Boys.  She’s 100′ x 31′ and 3900 hp. North Sea has had many owners;  currently she’s Sause Brothers North Sea out of Portland OR.   She’s 120′ x 34′ vessel with […]