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Two T-AKRs

This weekend the Upper Bay portion of the sixth boro cradled two “fast logistics ships” or “Large, Medium-speed, Roll-on/Roll-off Ships” (aka T-AKR, although I’ve no idea how that alpha indicator relates to those descriptors;  LMSR would make more sense.)  at the same time, one off Fort Wadsworth, below) and the other off Owl’s Head fishing […]

Profiles 2

Installment 1 was a long time ago.  But the hazy days of summer bring the inspiration back.  Any idea what this is?  Answers follow below. Or this?  I took all the photos in this post a few days ago–Sunday–afternoon from near the VZ Bridge. Here’s an easier one maybe. This one is a bit weird. […]

Random Ships 69

Let’s start with Alice Oldendorff, inbound with a hold full of Nova Scotia stone and about to turn to starboard on her (almost) final approach to Brooklyn.   Alice and I have a long history. YM Wind makes the final approach her into Global Terminals, her first call at sixth boro docks.  In contrast above, […]

Fog 21

Tinkering with the digital file, I’ve made SSV Corwith Cramer clearer here than she was to the naked eye as she came through the foggy Narrows yesterday morning. Maintaining this blog over many years and springtimes  has taught me how much fog is a spring phenomenon.  Here on a clearer day, Corwith Cramer (1987) raced into […]

Random Tugs 238

Pacific Reliance (9280 hp) transfers cargo before heading to Texas . . . with the 155,000 bbl barge 650-1. B. Franklin Reinauer (4000 hp) passes by with RTC 82 (80,000 bbl, if I read that right) and Austin (3900 hp) eastbound here light. Dean Reinauer (4720 hp) moves westbound under the Bayonne Bridge. Foxy 3 (1600 hp) and […]


Here was a related post, Yano, watched by John Watson and me simultaeously and from different vantage points, each of us unbeknownst to the other. Before the snow and cold hit this past week, actually Wednesday Jan 4, I was tipped off about an impending BDD dry dock exit in Bayonne.  And when James E. Brown […]

Random Ships 57

Here are dozens of previous posts in this series. I put this one up today specifically in response to a comment by a dear friend Rembert, who commented here about the apparent high center of gravity on American tugboats.  Mein Schiff 6, which is 969′ x 139′, appears to be quite “tall” but largely because of […]

Sixth Boro Fall Grays

The gentleman in lower right had just cast his bait way out there . . . . I was remarking about how unusual it is to see this type of MSC in the anchorage here. But there she is, along with a smaller fishing boat. And she was not alone. The flag says this one’s […]

Government Boats 43

It’s been a few months since I last used this title here . . . USNS Gilliland has been alongside the Bayonne dry dock for a few weeks now, and the other day I had the chance to see her alongside a bit closer. This Danish hull has been in the water most of the […]

Always Fleet Week

That’s true along the Elizabeth River in Virgina.  Naval Station Norfolk always has a formidable array, like LPD-24 USS Arlington, T-ARC-7 USNS Zeus, T-AKE-13 USNS Medgar Evers, T-ESB-3 USNS Lewis B. Puller, lots of patrols and a fence, T-AKR-5063 USNS SS Cape May, and its complement of barges.  Here’s more of a description.   Then, […]