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Robbins Reef 3

Here are previous posts in this series. And today, April 1, I’m not fooling;  Noble Maritime Collection is a “must see” in NYC.  You can actually see their buildings from the KVK, just west of the salt pile.  Their latest exhibition is called “Robbins Reef Lighthouse:  A Home in the Harbor,” a collection of works by […]

Robbins Reef 2

Many thanks to Erin Urban, executive director of Noble Maritime for those photos and information. What’s this? The interior view is unique;  the exterior  . . . of course has been seen so often that your eyes might see right past it.  This beacon in the harbor has appeared in countless tugster posts, and will […]

Robbins Reef

. . . sometimes aka Kate’s Light.   And I did a Katherine Walker post here without including the light in that post.   So here’s my attempt at amends.  All Robbins Reef today . . . The tug Robbins Reef is an ex-army tug, sibling of 8th Sea, built in 1953 in Fells Point […]

Bright Lights 5

Here were 4, 3, 2, and last but not least enlightening 1. And where’s this? Let’s spiral outward a few. A noteworthy woman once lived here, you know  . . .  the . . . Germany-born Kate. See more here on the Noble Maritime Collection site.  Noble is the steward of the light and is seeking […]

Four Lights

Approaching LaGuardia on a recent evening from the west and slightly south, I spotted Sandy Hook and the Verrazano. In the distinct black triangle of Raritan Bay, I picked out two lights, Old Orchard and West Bank; and recalled a cold but wonderful night last February, a six-hour sail between Tottenville and Jersey City aboard […]

Rose In Again

Not quite half a year ago, I caught Rose from the sunny side.   This undifferentiated mass in the Ambrose Channel yesterday was quite impressive as well. As a reference, the towers of the VZ Bridge towers in 693′.  The length of the tugboat in the foreground is just under 90′. I’ve not pointed out […]

Random Tugs 283

How’s this as an unusual perspective, East Coast coming through the Narrows and under the VZ Bridge, barely visible at top of photo,  with a sugar barge, not sure which one. I believe that’s a Sandy Hook antenna and West Bank Romer Shoal Light off starboard. Kimberly Poling heads into the Kills past Robbins Reef […]

Random Tugs 251

Here’s a different perspective on the sixth boro, different from my more usual ones.  And in this morning light, Sarah Ann looks like a beauty as she heads somewhere past Robbins Reef Light and well . . . along that island. Let’s continue trying to get some different POVs.  Patricia has some fine lines here […]

Ever Lambent Again

It seemed just a few weeks ago I’d seen her, but it was just over 60 days, the time it takes to get from the sixth boro to China and back.  But there she was passing Robbins Reef Light. Starboard and port, she was controlled, starboard, port, and     more.   Evergreen was founded […]

Between Bayonne’s Tanks

Click on the image below for an interactive map of this portion of the sixth boro.  Right now at about the 9 o’clock position you see two small white specks.  They are the huge spherical tanks seen off Barbara McAllister‘s stern. Consider the size of the wraparound stairs and you’ll understand why locally they’re called “gorilla’s […]