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LL Toronto to Port Colborne

Another quick one . . .   starting with Toronto in the rear view. Gaia Desgagnes passes as we wait outside the entrance the the Welland. Once Spartan departs lock 1, we head in. Burch Nash waits outside Heddle Shipyard on the Canal.  Tim S Dool takes the inside wall to line up on lock […]

LL2 Port Colborne to Toronto

Wilf and Alouette have been a GL fixture for some time, and this passing allowed a glimpse of her hold, all those aluminum ingots ready to be shaped somewhere. I have never seen Wilf without her barge Alouette Spirit.  As of this writing, they’re in the Motor City area.  We lost light before lock 7, […]

LL2 Detroit to Port Colborne

H. Lee White pulls into Mistersky fuel just ahead of Iver Bright.  That’s the USSteel Zug Island complex in the distance. Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin, the vessel with the greatest number of abbreviations in its name, passes by on its way down past Montreal. Like many newer Algoma vessels, Algoma Sault‘s made in China. […]

LL Port Colborne to Cleveland

Algoma Mariner stops briefly before proceeding upbound. CSL Tadoussac slides by.  St Marys Cement II gets pushed through  by Sea Eagle II. Algoberta moves toward lock W8. Manistee I’ll watch get dismantled over the course of the summer.  Sunrise over Lake Erie from about an hour NE of Cleveland. Sam Laud discharges cargo at lakefront. […]

LL2 Port Weller to Cleveland

The sunrises and sets have been extraordinary, so here’s my contribution to the collection on the web. Pilot transfers, like this one off Port Weller, always catches attention. Sea Eagle II waits at the north end of the Welland Canal.  CCGC Des Groseilliers is getting some TLC at Heddle.  And then we headed southbound in […]

Canal Motor Ship Project B

As William Lafferty pointed out in the previous post in this series here, Robert Barnes Fiertz was not a tanker.  I’ll have several more posts on Fiertz and her sisters including the one we now call Day-Peckinpaugh, but here we focus on a vessel launched two years later (in 1923) that builds on the same […]

Finished with Engines 2021

The year is in its last hours, and these vessels saw their last hours in this year as well.  Of course, this is a subjective list, made up of mostly photos I’ve taken over the years of sixth boro and Great Lakes vessels. This list is not definitive.  If you know of others, you might […]

From the Line Locker 26

It’s been a while since I used this miscellaneous title; in fact, it appeared not at all in 2019. Montreal awards the gold-headed cane, and the Welland Canal’s Port Colborne offers a beaver fur top hat, each a recognition of a maritime first at the start of the calendar year, but the sixth boro has […]

Port Colborne Pics 2

Port Colborne is the location of MRC, the clean-up business, and right now they’ve a few years–my guess–of projects. JW Cooper goes in and out several times a day. But what I wanted to watch was the traffic, up and down bound, like Algoma Buffalo.  The previous two times —here and here–I’d seen this vessel […]

Port Colborne Pics 6

What I noticed first about Johanna G is the cranes. Never have I seen cranes that stripped of recent paint.  Maybe rust-busting is happening as we speak, but   new coating of paint –IMHO– should be applied soon.  See a photo of her possibly new and with blue/gray cranes here. As of this posting, she’s […]