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Whatzit 38

What is it?  Well, to take inspiration from billboards, I’d say “watch this space.” Or from t-shirts . . . . “keep calm and pay attention.” I think the red and yellow here belongs to Jane A. Bouchard, seen here almost a decade ago, but for the alabaster white, stay tuned.  Come on back soon. […]

Whatzit 38 b

Let’s start with a baseline, exactly seven years ago.  I got this photo of Harvey putting on a water display just south of Yonkers on June 12, 2011. These next photos came from Lisa Kolibabek a few days ago, following up on the post of a week ago where I said “watch this space.”. Never […]

Random Tugs 230

It’s Cornell, westbound under the Bayonne Bridge.  Now that’s a sight not often seen.  Cornell (1949) occupies a niche likely quite unexpected, as documented here.  In this post (scroll), you see Cornell in 1978!  Hear her inimitable whistles (wait for it) here. Ivory Coast has truly an unusual name, but I’d never call her Côte d’Ivoire.  That’s […]

Raised Metal

Delta Mule was Grand Eagle before that.  Today it’s better known around the sixth boro as Eastern Dawn. Sea Ox was the second name of this vessel, after Lief S.  Since Inland Sea it moved on to Brooklyn and now is known as Charlotte V.  If raised letters were changed each time, all that heat […]

Other Peoples Photos 66

Let’s start with a Jupiter (1990) in Galveston, thanks to Allen Baker.  The photo was taken about a year ago, after Hurricane Harvey. Next, thanks to Lisa Kolibabek, another Jupiter, a much older one, which recently went into dry dock in Philadelphia.   Know the date of launch? Compare her frontal view with that of […]

Special Cheer Port of Philadelphia

Many thanks to Lisa Kolibabek for these photos.  Any guesses what’s happening here, besides a green tug approaching a RORO? See the mariners?  Lowering something? Another ship . . . . Dropping a line . . . What’s that bag at the end of the line between the vessels? Aha!   I include these photos […]

Merrily Merry 2015

If there’s a shortage of any kind of stuff these days, there seems to be a dire scarcity of compassion, tolerance,  . . .  So it doesn’t matter what you believe or don’t believe, I’m sure we have common ground in thinking we need peace on Earth and goodwill towards everyone, especially this year.  That’s what […]