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January River Flashback

Here’s the latest bunch of fotos from my daughter.  I’m guessing the high spirits on board here must have attracted her attention . . . . Chances are you won’t travel on one of these if you’ll be in Rio for the World Cup or the Olympics;  here’s what the newer ferries will look like. […]

January River 4

The sixth boro has its KVK with businesses providing vessel maintenance.  Rio has its strait just south of Ilha do Caju, within Niteroi, where Thor Supplier is now exiting.  The large yellow letters on the hillside to the left say “estaleiro maua,” a shipyard since 1845 and recently reborn thanks to the petroleum industry in […]

January River 3

Entering Guanabara Bay, it’s Wilson Sons PSV Tagaz. Inside the Bay west of the Rio-Niteroi Bridge and with the Christ statue atop the peak in the distance, it’s Olin Conqueror. Lined up here are C-Enforcer, Olin Conqueror, and Wyatt Candies. Identifying fotos of this densely- parked anchored gets complicated, but this is clearly Skando Mogster, Blue […]

January River 2

Separating Copacabana and Ipanema is a point I think is called Arpoador (Harpooneer).  From that point, this is looking northeast toward the entrance to the harbor. This is closer to the shore, nets deploying. This small boat is passing between the point and Ilha Rasa.  It appears to have a large fish over the portside. […]

January River

Gears have been shifted. This is January River, ringed by palm trees and peaks and promising intriguing new sights.  Type “other watersheds 11” into the search window and you’ll see I’ve followed my daughter to January river–aka Rio de Janeiro– this year.  It looks like this and this. What at first I thought was a […]

Restless Upriver 2

Nine months has brought lots of progress to the Onrust project near Schenectady.  Onrust was first decked vessel built entirely in North America . . . and in Manhattan. Technically, it’s a yacht, which in original Dutch means “hunting,”  i.e., a fast pursuit vessel designed to chase pirates. Compare the juxtaposed shots from January and […]

Restless Upriver

Onrust means restless. And restless it no doubt is while taking shape within this transparent cocoon. Although this replica building site is over 100 miles upriver (on the Mohawk), Adrien Block and crew built the original during the winter 393 years ago in Manhattan to replace Tyger, which burnt (remnants are buried just north of […]

For the Birds 7

Credit for this post goes to Rod Clingman, who yesterday sent me info about tree swallow roosting on the Connecticut River.  For info on this amazing gathering, click here and here. All fotos here are thanks to my daughter, who sent them a month ago already from Guanabara Bay, aka the natural harbor of Rio. […]

JR 25

This is the 25th and final post–for now–focusing on JR, January river aka Rio de Janeiro.  It was a fabulous trip for which I’m especially grateful to my daughter, who convinced me to come.  The middle boat here–Menino do Rio, which translates as Rio Boy–could become my new nickname… if I lived somewhere around Guanabara […]

AK Sunrise

aka Eastern dawn from Eastern Dawn.  Many thanks to Ashley Hutto for this July 3 foto.  Does it get better than this? I’m in January River for a while yet and will post again from here when possible but I don’t have access to easy wifi.