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Other Peoples Photos 97

Thanks to Tony A and a new contributor, Ray M, here is more on the dispersal of the Bouchard fleet.  One boat has been renamed William F. Fallon Jr.  Know the boat?  Know the reference?  I’d say William F. Fallon Jr. is the newest name in the sixth boro. Tony A sent the photo above […]

Canal Tug Project L

In the background on the river, with exhaust emanating from each of the corners, what is that!!!?   Above you’re looking at the stern of a truly unique towboat launched in the summer of 1940, Cargill’s successor to Protector and Carbany.  Below, that’s the stern of Carbany and the bow of that unique vessel,  a […]

Sixth Boro Details 14

This will be the last post for a few days . . .   William F. Fallon Jr. at the Statue. Thomas D. Witte, dredge Delaware, Durham, and some smaller boats in the Upper Bay. Marjorie B. McAllister with NYNJR 200 on the Brooklyn side.  Jessica Ann and another RIB appear to be involved in […]

Sixth Boro Details 12

Here are previous posts in the series. Look closely at the image of William F. Fallon Jr. below;  something is unusual there. Note that Bluefin below is juxtaposed with the Whale on shore. The Whale might be an interesting location to visit someday. Bayonne Drydock has Schuylkill high and dry and Go Discovery along the […]

June Thirtyfirst

Happy Canada Day to our neighbors to the north, where half my relatives come from. I barely saw the sixth boro this June, so I had to catch up a bit, adding another day to the month to do so.  Over by the Bayonne Centerline yard, I saw three previously Bouchard boats all wearing or […]

Random Mississippi Tugs* 1

A few days ago I’d posted “Random Nola Tugs 7” and asked what type of tugboat I’d omitted, and you came through.  As I address that omission, I realize it’s misleading to call these vessels “Nola tugs,” since they –like all vessels and other machines of transportation–move.  Period.  Even “Mississippi River tugs” is misleading because […]

Denise Rubia Adeline

The other day I was on the OBX near Hatteras, and when I checked who was passing by at sea,  I noticed an Adeline Marie.  I had to look at the image because it was an unfamiliar name. When I saw this boat along the KVK on Saturday, I wondered who it was, since the […]

Non-Random Tugs 10

Centerline Logistics is a relatively new name.  Or should that be pronounced “sent her lion”? The orange “centerline” is also gradually being added to the fleet.  Andrea was here three years–and sans upper house-– before she became a lion boat;  here was first I saw that part of her logo.  Name this one? Lightning has […]

Random Tugs 372

Dana Alexa is another seldom seen tugboat in the sixth boro of NYC; although painted DonJon blue, she’s now a Breakwater Marine boat, I believe. It was good to see the 1958 54′ boat with a barge of what appears to be sheet piling. William F. Fallon Jr. has appeared here several times recently. Robert […]

Canal Tug Project L 2

Cargill’s Carneida and her sisters were unique enough, forgotten enough designs that when I stumbled onto this image yesterday AFTER posting, I decided to dedicate a whole post to Cargill’s vessels on the Barge Canal. The resemblance to the cargo portion of the 1000-footers currently on the Lakes is unmistakable although she’s less than a […]