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JR 25

This is the 25th and final post–for now–focusing on JR, January river aka Rio de Janeiro.  It was a fabulous trip for which I’m especially grateful to my daughter, who convinced me to come.  The middle boat here–Menino do Rio, which translates as Rio Boy–could become my new nickname… if I lived somewhere around Guanabara […]

JR 24

Click here for an overview of Brazilian shipyards from about 18 months ago.  STX OSV in Niteroi since then has become VARD, a Fincantieri holding.  Skandi Salvador was at the VARD yard last week.  Shipbuilding–like oil & gas–are multinational concerns clustered in locations of production, like the North Sea.  The NYTimes this week had a […]

JR 23

I’ll start this post with the foto of Pelicano 1 below to situate it.  The location is Niteroi, more specifically Ponta D’Areia, and the Maua Jurong shipyard, founded in 1845,  marked by the bow of the tanker in the background.   You may have seen the Maua shipyard fotos in the background of this post […]

JR 22

Yesterday I included fotos of some government ships in the story about the Pope on the beach.  So let’s look at more of these ships, but first . . . check out the castle to the left. The castle comes with the unromantic name Fiscal Island, which I probably should have visited.    And the […]

JR 21

I am back in NYC, safe and sound, and just read this article in the NYTimes about three million people on Copacabana today for today’s last mass by Papa Francisco, as he is referred to in Brasil.  And how do three million people get to the beach?  They march.  I took this unsatisfying foto from […]

JR 20

With the imminent (I think) arrival in the sixth boro of a large shearleg crane for the Tappan Zee project, here’s a chance to look at one of these floating cranes.  I believe the crane known as Left Coast Lifter has a lift capacity of just under 2000 tons.   This one–Pelicano 1 (ex-Kaisei) has […]

JR 19

Niteroi water’s edge is to Rio as Richmond Terrace is to New York.   Here, l to r . . . C Brilhante and Cape Cumbria. Further up the cove, it’s CNL Ametista and Eridanus. And finally . . . a larger set, some Trans Ship tugs like Abusado, Soberano, (my favorite) Poderoso, and Assanhado. […]

JR 18

I’m back from hiking in the national park portion of Brazil’s Atlantic Forest, my stay here winding down. But first . . .  it’s a Petrobras residence vessel Aquarius Brazil, formerly a Selville-built RORO. Fuel barge Icarai pushed by tug O Outro (?) passing stern of Aquarius Brasil. Another view of Aquarius Brasil as seen […]

JR 17

More from the Bay, starting with  Sigma, as seen from starboard and  stern. Blue Shark looks like sister of Blue Marlin. The bows of F. D. Honorable, A. H. Liguria,  Seabulk Brasil, and a smidgeon of Carline Tide . . . . Behold Maraba I and Blue Angel. GSO Marechal Rondon . . . . […]

JR 16

Let’s travel farther into the interior of the watery reaches of what used to be called Ria de Janeiro to see close-ups of secrets inland from the Rio-Niteroi Bridge, to borrow from the name of this small fishing boat. Starting from the stern of the classic almost-40 year-old  Teknik Perdana and looking at Geonisio Barroso, […]