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HNLMS De Ruyter (F804)

Dutch frigates have called here before, almost exactly 10 years ago . . .  The last photo in that link is the best . . .  two designs of Dutch fighting vessels separated by 400 years!     DeRuyter was here in connection with NATO exercises, I believe.  The reputation of the DeRuyter namesake can […]

Stealth Friesland

From a shipyard near the Black Sea, this very “white” Holland-class offshore patrol ship came into the sixth boro a day or so ago.   A lot needs to be unpacked in that sentence, so here goes: a Royal Netherlands Navy vessel identified as P842, third in a class of four which began with P840 (shown […]

Retro Sixth Boro 18

Let’s go back to September 2009.  CMA CGM Marlin, launched 2007,  was the standard size back then . . .  The 5092-teu vessel has since been scrapped, after only nine years of service!! Over a dozen sailing barges came to NYC to sail in New York waters in commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the […]

WPC-1113 Richard Dixon and Stealthy Sidekick

Over six years ago, I posted with a title this one mimics.  Richard Dixon is to the left, clearly USCG white, indicating its primary mission.  My question is what color is the larger vessel to the right? Maybe you can guess more about this vessel below.  The photo comes from a secret salt from a […]

Ports starting from Kearny Point

Let’s start at the sixth boro’s own Kearny Point.  Federal Ship Building & Dry Dock used to be there.  On December 1, 1943, a time when that place was turning out a vessel a week or so, hull #303 was delivered as USS Stern, DE-187.     After eight years as a USN vessel, she was […]

Fog 15

There’s fog of war, and then there’s warships in fog.  Click here for another. Note the Hoboken tower off the bow in the photo above and off the stern . . . below. Click here for a link to the vessel L-810 Johan De Witt, and here for its namesake, a Dutch politician who was […]

Really Full Frontal

My sentiments of more than two years ago amuse me here, and “full frontal” isn’t even really.  So in connection with a project I’m considering, here’s really  fully frontally.  Let’s start with HNLMS Tromp.  Now in those twin radomes, I see teddy bear’s ears. BNS Lobelia is harder to read. Of all the vessels in the […]

Government Boats 9

It’s not a dead ship, whale, or turtle.  I didn’t get any closer.  It’s a first sighting in the boro for me. Here’s another shot.  And I don’t think the McAllister has it in tow.  Maybe the submarine is escorting the tug? Well . . . maybe not.  That was an attempt at humor.  UPDATE: […]