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Here was GUP 3, and here was one GUP-related post since then, about the sale of a peer of the vessel below.  In case you don’t check the links and are wondering what GUP is, it’s my neologism for “gross universal product,” AKA sewage.  I’m doing this post now as a complement to my article […]

Valentines, Skiffs, and GUP

With Valentine’s Day only a dozen days away, how about a honey boat for your honey . . . and you? Click on the image below to find details.  Newtown Creek, the GUP carrier, really can be yours for a mere $235,000, unless someone takes the bid higher.  Click here and here for some of […]


Here were 1 and 2 of this series, and here was a much earlier post about NYC DEP’s essential service. Below is North River and Hunts Point as seen from Rockaway. Port Richmond heads into Hell’s Gate, Red Hook in the distance and Port Richmond passing by, and finally all three new boats with Red Hook […]


For photos of all the previous generations of sludge carriers–aka carriers of Gross Universal Product–click here for the first in this series.  Rockaway makes the second of NYCDEP’s latest vessels I’ve seen.  Look her over well. She’s only slightly less loaded than  . . . Hunt’s Point, which I saw about a half hour later. […]


. . . my latest coined term . . . for which the acronym GUP lends itself is  . . . gross universal product, i.e. what’s transported in vessels like these.  And it really is “universal,” as evidenced by a Hong Kong vessel like this.   That it is gross . . . let me […]

Government Boats 54

Taxes pay for all these vessels, for the common good. NYPD has a fleet.  Anyone know how many  boats make up the NYPD “floating plant”? NYC has two ferry fleets, the orange one and this newer one, NYCF.  Anyone know when the first new-generation Staten Island ferry will arrive in the sixth boro?  Does NYCF […]


You can refresh–a choice word here– your memory as to the meaning of GUP, or just trust me that it’s my euphemism for Scheiße….  In the spirit of creating a parallel term to GUP, I offer “trashed [or discarded] universal product,” or TUP and DUP.  I prefer DUP, as it sounds like a term in […]

Hell Gate Traffic 1

Hell Gate has to be one of the most storied waterways in the sixth boro.  How could I have mostly ignored it so long?!! The other day I caught Vinik No. 6 and Liz Vinik westbound  through that section of the East River.   In the background, that’s the Bronx. An indicator of current is […]

LCM through Hell Gate

I had a notice, so when the LCM came around the bend, I was waiting.  This LCM I knew well from Jake Van Reenen operated it for barging in the Seaway areas of the 1000 Islands and Lake Ontario. The 1000 Islands is a very different environment than this, the East River headed into Hell […]

Retro Sixth Boro 27 a

If you’re new on this blog, for the past 27 months I’ve been posting photos from exactly 10 years before.  These then are photos I took in June 2010.  What’s been interesting about this for me is that this shows how much harbor activities have changed in 10 years. Tarpon, the 1974 tug that once […]