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Winter Solstice 2021

Winter solstice is one date I pay attention to, and yesterday demanded an undivided portion of it.  I was out on the sixth and primordial boro at sunrise, although when it rose, a gauzy film of stratus filtered the light.  I tinkered with the image a bit to enhance the cosmic eeriness. Along the Brooklyn […]

Spring Fishing 2020

It’s the sheer diversity of traffic on the sixth boro that keeps me coming back, although diverse does not mean unpredictable.  In summer, mermaids gather, specifically around the very day of the solstice.  In winter, fishing boats come .    In fall, the fishing boats are of a different sort. Chele-C was fishing on the west […]

Fall 2020 Fishing

Fishing grounds . . . the NJ Upper Bay portion of the sixth boro. Quick question to be answered at the end of the post:  how many commercial fishing ports does NJ have and can you name them?  Eastern Welder is a perennial boat here;  Hyundai Victory is one of the ULCVs newly recent here. […]

Fishing February

I’ve done lots of fishing posts, mostly about this unlikely estuary, where I’ve never fished. Here’s Virginia Sue heading past Sakizaya Champion and out   the Narrows.  By the way, I’m planning a post on that fort in the distance some day soon. Dutch Girl is a regular here, as is the unlikely named but […]

Names 30

This Dutch Girl might be lost . . . parked along the Calcasieu (CAL-ca-zew) River in Cameron, LA.  Anyhow, she’s not to be mistaken for the Dutch Girl that fishes the sixth boro in the cold months. Pretty Jewelry . . . getting caught by false promises can be trouble . . .  Click here for […]

Retro Sixth Boro 36

April 1, 2011 … and this was not a joke.  More on this distressed vessel at the end of this post. McCormack Boys and Turecamo Girls with Barney Turecamo.  All three are still working in the same liveries, I believe. Long Island-built Escort was phased out as a certain coal-fired power plant shut down.  She’s […]

Eastern Welder

I first had a photo of Eastern Welder here in a post from almost 7 years ago.  And I had the photo below all lined up back on the first day of the season, but I snapped it after my subject had left the frame.  Oh well, I put this here to show what the […]

Fishing December 2013

Here was the last fishing post I did.  Fishing is only a winter activity in the sixth boro.  Here Dutch Girl pulls a net past the French woman and then heads back. And this looks like Virginia Sue, she of classic lines. Enjoy. All fotos by Will Van Dorp, who might have enough unused fishing […]

20-Something Dutch Girl

. . . a 49.9′ fishing vessel built in 1991 and  living in Belford, NJ, may not be the first association you had with this title, but here she was in port about a month ago, and here she was this morning in close proximity with a 964.5′ three-year-old container ship called NYK Romulus. But […]

JR 9

Just to clarify if this this your first time reading this series, “JR” abbreviates “January river,” which you may know in Portuguese as “Rio de Janeiro.”  Here that’s pronounced as “hee oh.” Make sense of this foto?  More info at the end of the post. NYC’s sixth boro moves lots of folks between the boros […]