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Riverbanks 12

I might have to put this post into a context of riverbanks, or you’ll think I’ve lost my mind.  My sense is that I’ve just opened it a bit.  This blog IS called a waterblog, and there is water in this post, but there’s also–like negative space in photos–“negative water” here, i.e., geological structure and […]

High and Dry 12

Since starting the blog, I’ve noticed constant change in the sixth boro, shorelines of the five boros and NJ, and a few other places I get to repeatedly.  For example, a year and a half ago Bayonne Dry Dock added their marine travel lift, and anyone looking in that direction gets treated to a rotation […]

Non-Random Tugs 12

The idea of recent posts in this series is to look at a single fleet. As temperatures cool off, my perception is that demand for fuels rises, especially in the Northeast.  Let’s look at the Reinauer fleet, starting with a light Nicole. Haggerty Girls exited the KVK into the Upper Bay a few days back. […]

Sixth Boro Details 12

Here are previous posts in the series. Look closely at the image of William F. Fallon Jr. below;  something is unusual there. Note that Bluefin below is juxtaposed with the Whale on shore. The Whale might be an interesting location to visit someday. Bayonne Drydock has Schuylkill high and dry and Go Discovery along the […]

Non-Random Tugs 12 B

The first part of this was four months ago here. Follow the red flag.   Know the tug moving this RTC 81?   B. Franklin was the first of her class when she came out in 2012. Some numbers are 110′ x 33′ and 4000 hp.   How about the approaching tugboat? That red flag is […]

Random ULCVs 12

The point of this series–other than the point of this whole blog which is to document commercial happenings in the sixth boro–is to track changes, and changes in size and capacity have clearly happened in the container vessel department. I try to add other info as well. Yesterday, besides enjoying the cold and snow accumulation, […]

Random Sixth Boro 12

It’s hard to beat morning light for drama, as is the case here with QM2 getting assisted by James D. and Doris Moran into her berth in Red Hook, as I shoot into that light. Taken only a few minutes later, this photo of FV Eastern Welder dragging the bottom in front of the Weeks […]

Other Watersheds 12 Redux B

If I have these dates right, Pieter Boele was built in 1893!  Clearly this hull was built for towing, that  bow  not built for pushing. Of course, the same would be true of the 1913 Jan de Sterke. Dockyard IX dates from 1915.  I know the small tug is called Furie, considered a push boat.  […]

Other Watersheds 12 Redux A

Eight years ago, I had the opportunity to go to the steam festival on the waterways in Dordrecht NL.  Here, here, and here are posts that came from that.  That festival has just completed again, and thanks to Jan van der Doe, here are photos of some fine restored circa century-old Dutch steam tugs. Hercules, […]

Random Tugs 374

All these tugboats have a common design feature.  I’ll let you figure it out.  Eastern Dawn pushed a load of scrap westbound in the Kills. James William showed off her bow as she traveled light toward the Upper Bay.   Ditto Buchanan 12, usually confined to pushing up and down the Hudson with a train […]