I know it’s not summer yet, but this post best follows on Summer Sail 5 here, so . . . this choice of title.  I also have catchups of some sixth boro events soon, and the fleet comes in this week, just before I go back to the lively Lakes.

Currently in the boro is the 1930 Capitán Miranda, a three-masted schooner of the Uruguayan navy, a vessel that had been destined for the breakers in 1978,

but then got a new lease on life.

Her namesake is a Uruguayan mariner of a century ago. 


More on the Uruguayan navy can be found here,

and the country itself here.  Before clicking on the link, guess the population size?


I’m not sure how long they’ll be in town, so if interested, hurry on down. 


All photos, any errors, WVD.