Let’s start with a 1000-footer, MV Burns Harbor.  For all the particulars, click here

I’m amazed that someone would approach to that point in a kayak.



Fishing anyone?

After we’d crossed over in Lake Michigan, 

we passed James R. Barker.  For her particulars, click here


Both Burns and Barker are among the largest.

Twelve hours later, we entered Escanaba MI, and the Basic yard, or at least used to be that. 

Biscayne Bay awaited the dry dock.

And Nickelena stood by for its next job.

Siscowet is named for an indigenous trout, but that’s all I know. 

Greenstone is intriguing.

I don’t know the story here, but there is only some resemblance to a Point-class USCGC.  Maybe I’m missing something else entirely.

All photos, any errors, WVD, who could do a whole other post about Escanaba.