Not all boats I saw at Mississippi lock and dam #19 were line haul boats.  MarySue with Connie L were good examples.

They do pose something of a mystery, though.  According to ID painted onto the vessels, they’re of the Michels fleet, although on database sites like gltugs and tugboatinformation, they don’t show up.  

Yes, I understand that updating is a never ending task.  Since registry shows Milwaukee, I assume these boats got here via the Illinois River.

City of Joliet has an interesting history, as elaborated here.  

This is not the best photo, but her numbers are as follows:  130′ x 44′ and her Wartsilas propel her with 3600 hp.

Donna Rae appears to be a Fort Madison boat, 56′ x 22′ and 800 hp.

A local boat, Sir James seems based in Keokuk.  

Here are the numbers:  52′ x 18′ and 730 hp.

All photos, any errors, WVD.