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A few days ago I’d posted “Random Nola Tugs 7” and asked what type of tugboat I’d omitted, and you came through.  As I address that omission, I realize it’s misleading to call these vessels “Nola tugs,” since they –like all vessels and other machines of transportation–move.  Period.  Even “Mississippi River tugs” is misleading because they can and do move into other waterways, other inland waterways like the Ohio, Missouri, Illinois . . . and more.   

Another complication is that many would call these towboats, not tugs.  For that reason, I added the *.

Let’s start in Nola and then, since I’m moving also, rejoin the river many miles upstream. The 1969 Carol McManus,  180′ x 50” 9000 hp, is an example of a line haul boat often  pushing a dozen or two or three barges up and down the “line” stopping during the long haul to drop or add barges at fleet ports.

In contrast, the 1972 Hiawatha is 60′ x 22′ and 800 hp.

The 2011 Orange is 78′ x 34′ and 2000 hp.  Hiawatha and Orange could be considered “local” boats.

Susan Johnson is another line haul boat, built 1975, 180′ x 52′ and 9000 hp triple screw.

That’s the froth of all those horses.

The boats above I saw from a 75-degree cityfront New Orleans two weeks ago;  the next set I caught yesterday in 18-degree weather from the southernmost port in Iowa, Fort Madison, which will be my base for a few days.  

The 2010 HFL Mariner is 166′ x 48′ and 6000 hp.

The 1967 Coral Dawn is 164′ x 40′ and 5400 hp.

Part of that lack of clarity is snow flurries AND a dirty window.  Yes, I mostly stayed indoors.

The 1977 Aubrey B. Harwell Jr comes in at 170′ x 45′ and 6120 hp.

All photos, any errors, WVD, who expected March to stay warm.  A few days ago, five inches of snow fell at the Rio Grande in Big Bend National Park.


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