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I might have to put this post into a context of riverbanks, or you’ll think I’ve lost my mind.  My sense is that I’ve just opened it a bit.  This blog IS called a waterblog, and there is water in this post, but there’s also–like negative space in photos–“negative water” here, i.e., geological structure and bones resulting from water now gone.  But given the “water cycle” idea, is the water ever gone.  But enough talk  . . . to the photos.

Heading south from Alpine, then Marathon, sand in some flats show that water has flowed here. 


In a place like Big Bend, the fossil record is rich, and 

[hat tip to the truckster series] scientists have been coming here for some time.

The fossil discovery exhibit was the first place I stopped inside the NP.

That’s my brown hat on the tip of that plaster replica of the deinosuchus skull.

Other small craft appear in this post, but this one was used as a fossil sled. 

That rift is the Santa Elena canyon.  That’s Mexico to the left and the US to the right, and 

yes, those are folks on the Rio Grande for recreation.



Here Mexico is to the right.

Nope, I saw no desert beaver, but the frogs croaking in this canyon were loud!

Lots of canoeing opportunities exist.

OK . . . here’s a gratuitous photo of the reporter.

All photos [except the last one] and any errors, WVD.  If ever there’s been a gallivant post, this is it.


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