See the name on the life ring?

This new arrival steamed along the East River just in time to make the posting deadline.  Recognize it?


It’s so newly named the name plate has not yet caught up.  Some hints?  She was built by American Boiler Works in Erie PA in 1956–and completed at Matton Shipyard on the Hudson– as ST-2118 aka Guilford Courthouse.  I believe the veteran tug wore gray until 2001.

So where does Joanne Marie come in?

She’s a new Stasinos boat, and will soon be looking great in their livery, which coincidentally 

she seems to already partly wear. 

All photos, any errors, WVD.  Welcome, Joanne Marie.

For a page on Birk’s database I’d not discovered until today, check out this long list of veteran tugs.