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Seen yesterday by Donald Edwards . . . whose photos previously appeared here. The story behind the paint job follows. 

Today’s post features exactly what the title says . . . a random set of recent visitors to the sixth boro, like the 2015 Hafnia Raven, here escorted in by Margaret Moran

Bass is a 2021 build. 

Britta Oldendorff dates from 2020. 

ONE Wren is a 2018 vessel. 

Proteus Bohemia is a 2022 LNG-capable tanker. 

with externals to prove it.  And for all I know, she’s using LNG for fuel.

Captain Paris has come and departed the port, and as a 2014 crude tanker, is the oldster of this set.

Leikanger is a 2016 build, with its fuel touted on the side, as was the case with Grouse Sun, a few months back.  For a comparison of LNG and methanol, click here

Here’s more on CMA CGM Kimberley:  this livery marks CMA CGM’s splash into new cleaner fuels.  This begs the question:  among the innovations passing through the sixth boro, LNG fuel and methanol capability is one that’s touted on the ships themselves.  When will LNG bunkering be available in port of NYNJ?  How about methanol bunkering?  It’s happening elsewhere

Many thanks to Don for sharing the CMA CGM Kimberley photo he caught while she was inbound passing Caddells.  All others, WVD. 


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