In the chilly windy of a crisp Saturday morning light, Maersk Skarstind made one of the many turns in the KVK.  Name the tugboats assisting?  Answer follows. 

Maersk Skarstind is a 2016 vessel with 9443 teu capacity. 

And, yes, that’s 

Laura K on the stern. 

Jonathan C has a line port alongside.


Less than two miles behind her (my estimation)

Ava M had a line on CMA CGM Columba‘s stern, with Bruce at the ready. 

I said less than two miles . . . ?  Maybe someone out there has a better estimate?

Columba is an Andromeda class CMA CGM vessel, entered service in 2010 and has 11400 teu capacity.  Behold over 20,000 teu capacity arriving for all practical purposes at the same time. 

All photos, WVD.