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 . . .  and more.  But first, a refresher on Y a M 4, which included the photo below.

A year and a half after the photo above, I caught Utopia IV at Chelsea Piers, and just yesterday I read the report on an incident the yacht was involved in down in the Bahamas:  she ran down and sank a small tanker!!

Here’s the gCaptain article.  Utopia IV can be yours give or take about $50 million.

I believe I’ve not posted photos of this yacht with a million headaches, although I saw it a few times at Chelsea Piers a few years back.  Recognize the name?  The owner–who may have legally forfeited it by now–is Guo Wengui, and some of his story is here. In April 2022, it was reported in an unnamed Med port, but these photos I took in December in Bridgeport CT. 

More on Lady May and scandals here

Then there was the Semisub One story from Hawaii . . .  .  Then there’s Luna, just one of a Russian oligarch‘s yacht fleet, which was in the boro about a decade ago.  Le Grand Bleu and Topaz have been here also.

Yachts . .  a million headaches, IMHO, although I hope I’m not sounding like a crank today. 

All photos, WVD. 

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