If you read this blog regularly, you’ll recall I spent a large part of June and July on a liftboat called Legs III.  A similar liftboat called Ram VII did some work in the sixth boro in September.   Now for parts of November and December, a huge liftboat has operated off the South Fork of Long Island, and recently came in to dock in Bridgeport CT.  Legs III legs are currently around 70′.  Ram VII legs are 145′.  Any guesses on the height of the legs on the liftboat below?

Legs III had two cranes;  L/B Jill has four, with the largest a capacity of 500 tons, and a 140′ boom.   The other cranes have lifting capacity of 60, 25, and 10 tons. 

Another Secor vessel was also docked at Barnum’s Landing, but I’ll save that for another post. 

L/B Jill has an impressive helideck, capable of supporting helicopters no larger/heavier than a Sikorski S-92, which weighs just shy of 14 tons.


Note the life boats and lifer aft canisters.  Jill operates with 12 crew and can accommodate up to 136 passengers, i.e., technicians usually on whatever project

it’s supporting in depths up to 275′.   This means that Jill could “leg down” in almost any part of Long Island Sound.  Dimensions on Jill are 178′ x 135′.

Liftboats have been described as combination of a cargo vessel, crane ship, hotel, and restaurant. 

I’m not sure how long Jill will be at Barnum’s Landing or what exactly it’s doing there. 

All photos, any errors, WVD.  For more info on Jill, as well as some great layout drawings, click here. As to the length of legs, she’s a 335 class;  usually that number represents the length of legs.

If you’re wondering about that name Barnum, the reference is indeed to Phineas Taylor Barnum, the showman, entrepreneur, and politician; the guy who said things like these . . .