Got that name, not the one midships but the one on the bow?  Torm was co-founder of the company in 1889!

“Republican” . .  it’s just a name for a Torm Medium Range IMO Type 2/3 tanker, Danish International Shipping register, one of at least two dozen Torm tankers that have appeared on this blog.  This ship’s name has nothing to do with blue or red, US or Spain or Ireland . . . this list goes on and on

Two Moran tugboats traveled south in the Upper Bay and 

assisted it into a berth at the east end of IMTT.


The low angle light made pronounced areas of light and shadow. 

In the photo below, extreme right, note the two crew on the starboard bridge wing, no doubt


calling out directions for Kirby and 

JRT to ease the tanker into the dock. 


All photos, WVD.