So I’ve seen Thomas Dann before, although not this one.  I’ve seen this tugboat before but not as Thomas Dann, and I’ve seen this barge Somerset before but not pushed by Thomas Dann or any other Dann Ocean boat.

The most prominent feature of the covered dry cargo barge is the hatch cover crane.

Somerset measures 418′ x 75′ and was built in 1990. Any guesses on deep draft?  You’ll see your answer soon.


As you can see in the links in the first paragraph, this Thomas Dann appeared here previously as Amberjack, 1981, 106′ x 32′ and 3900 hp.

Here’s today’s deep draft information.

Since Yonkers is her destination, it’s safe to assume the cargo is sweet.

To digress, I’m starting to find Jaume Plensa’s sculpture annoying, bossy, no matter what the intention. For more of his work, click here.

All photos, WVD.