Let’s start here with a different cropping of a photo from May 2022.  I’d known about Kenny G for quite some time. 

But yesterday, while I was “trapped” in a Batteryside building, I caught Nicholas G, also a Sound Marine vessel but one I’d not known about.  I wish I could have gotten clearer photos.  Maybe it’s a newish addition to the Sound Marine fleet. 

Similarly, a month ago, I caught some so-soish photos

of Christy Anne, and the “Clea” lettering between the green lines and the yellow lines left me wondering.

Well, yesterday, although quite engaged with another set of tasks, I saw “legs” along the Battery also, and in limited free time, snapped some shots.

It was not a liftboat, given the apparent* absence of self-propulsion, but

given the livery, apart from being almost Ukrainian, there’s that “Clea…” revealed as being J T Cleary, a marine construction company I was not previously aware of.  Other lettering here–see the vertical lettering at the top of the legs? ANDRIE.COM?   I’ll comment below.

*Apparent was the word I used above.  However, if the vertical cylinders here can be versions of Thrustmasters, then it would be self-propelled, although hardly a liftboat.

Andrie is the name of a marine company on the Great Lakes.  Some of their boats have previously appeared on this blog.  Could this be a “spud barge” that has been brought down/purchased from  interests on the Great Lakes?

All photos taken Tuesday, WVD, who was too preoccupied to followup yesterday.