Imagine traveling in the East River and seeing  . . . legs!

Seeing these legs spudded down, rudders and wheels on display . . . made me look around for critters!!.  after all, I spent the better than a month this summer in a place with legs and alligators.

Even the logo on the side, the Ram, and

the name . . . Aries Marine . . . was reminded me of western Louisiana.

I suppose they are core sampling.

Juxtaposed with the towering “leg-like” structures of Manhattan’s cliffs,

made me wonder if Manhattan was just a hull that could emerge from the crust and climb up on those legs. As of this morning, Ram VII has moved west and south and is now in the anchorage previously occupied by BigLift Baffin.

All photos, WVD, who points out that Ram VII and Legs III are not the same vessel.