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I first went to the Roundup in 2007.  Here are some photos.

National as for sale that year.  W. O. Decker is an almost-regular attendee. 

Cheyenne, also a regular, was red then.  Since it’s currently working out of Wisconsin, I doubt she’ll ever be back.

Here are some photos from 2007:  fleetmates Margot and Benjamin Elliot.

Push-off contests are exciting:  check out Gowanus Bay and Cornell

In 2008, Frances Turecamo had not yet returned to active service, which it now has as NYS Marine highway’s Frances.

Governor Cleveland was on the wall, along with Wire and Chancellor.

In 2009, Shenandoah was there, and also for sale.

Empire was there. She’s still working out of Connecticut.

In 2010, Empire and Crow had become fleetmates in blue.

Pushboat Grand Erie was there.

Buffalo was there, but has now been sold, and will likely stay in Buffalo. Just offf her stern, note Urger.  Urger has not been at the Roundup since 2016, and is currently laid up/blocked up high and dry above the Oswego River.


All photos over the years, WVD.

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