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In previous posts, you saw photos of lots of oil/gas infrastructure, and two of this rig, Enterprise 351, here and here.

I said then I’d come back to this rig because it was the biggest I saw.    It was built in Quebec in 1982. 

Note the crewman walking on the rig below and to the left?  Here is a video of 351 departing Singapore on a semi-submersible, showing a drone’s eye angle. Here is a video of its arrival in the Gulf of Mexico two and a half years ago, and it’s afloat like a barge, not standing like a platform.  And here‘s one more, showing tugboats moving a rig away from a stack.

If I read this right, these three legs are each 477′, which at 14′ per story, is about equivalent to a 34-story building!

Accommodations onboard are for 81 crew.

This helideck is designed for a Sikorsky S-61 aircraft.  It only looks like a steaming caldron here.

I’m not sure what happens in all these spaces.

These draft marking only make sense when this rig is a 243′ x 200′ barge, not a platform. 

I suppose lifeboat drills are required with some frequency.

All photos, WVD, who hopes to get to a southern rig museums one of these months when they are open.  I tried to visit the one in Morgan City but it was closed that day.  Here’s one in Galveston.  Here’s a floating rig I saw in Brazil almost a decade ago.


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