or this should be X-otics 32, my second space ship this month, the first being Jacklyn here.  And that this Bob should come into the sixth boro the same day Artemis 1 had intended to fly is quite remarkable. 

This exotic started life over a decade ago in the orange/yellow livery of ECO, named for its founder, Mr Edison Chouest, whose obituary from 14 years ago  starts out calling him a shrimp fisherman.

Our star put on a grand display for this space ship.

I hope Mr Musk was suitably impressed.

Currently Bob, named for an astronaut, works for SpaceX, hence the white X on the black bulkhead. Dr. Bob Behnken has some noteworthy accomplishments.

This exotic is truly unusual.  I’m not sure why or for how long they are in the boro, but it appears

a haircut and a shave might be in order.

All photos, WVD, who previously posted about a NASA space [delivery] ship here not quite a decade ago.