Some of you may know a vessel called Pride of Baltimore II, as seen here if you scroll a bit or if you follow the tags.

But here is something different.   See when you figure it out. 

Overseas Anacortes is a product carrier . . . tanker . . . that was delivered in early May 2010, one of about a dozen such vessels.

Here the Overseas tanker is assisted in by Miriam Moran, a 1979 product of Morgan City LA, a place I visited just a few long months ago. 


On the side of the superstructure of Overseas Anacortes, see the below signs. 

So I guess you’ve figured out by now why I call this the “pride of Philadelphia“. Currently the shipyard is working on the new Empire State, due next year, and three other training ships. I’ve no idea how that project is going, but here was the steel-cutting ceremony.  Here‘s more from last year.

In closing, notice the flag on the stern of both vessels.

All photos and any errors, WVD.

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