If you have the Marinetraffic app on your phone, you might recognize this.  Note the info on destination for Driftmaster, a USACE debris collector in the sixth boro.  “No place” is what is usually displayed.  It might just as well say “wherever debris is.”

These next screens are already out of date:  by now, H. Lee White has departed its winter lay-up quarters in Toledo and is back at work. 

Ditto, Herbert C. Jackson;  she’s off and running, pushing through ice if need be to move ore from Lake Superior down to the steel plants.

Clyde S. . . .  same story:  no nap now except as allowed by the watch rotation.

As of late March, Canadian Coast Guard Ship Griffon was stopped in the ice, along with all these

vessels as of March 27.  In this case, it was high winds in the lake.

So now you know what I might be looking at if I’m staring at my phone.

Captures, WVD, who has been traveling outside the sixth boro.