A list of odd cargoes over the years would include an uncovered cigarette boat, other boats, military materiel, never-to-be-used wheel pedestals, port supplies, a Mirage F-1,  . . .  I could go on. At this point, I’d not yet noticed the cargo atop the India-bound Maersk Detroit.

Brendan Turecamo retrieved the docking pilot.

But that’s when I noticed it.  And in a very branded color.  Know it?  Evidence follows.

Wonder what Hillco Sidehill S670 means?  Click here.

It ain’t no snow blower!


See it?

It’s certainly a Deere, probably along these lines.   It makes me wonder what fields this will harvest.  See a leveling-combine in operation here.

This screening seems made-to-measure for passage through pirate waters.

Maersk Detroit is one of about 20 US-flagged cargo ships serving the oceans.

All photos, WVD.