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This September post gives a clue about why I pay attention to the birds when waiting for a ship.  Of course, buffleheads

migrate into the sixth boro in late autumn and stay until spring.  But since the onset of 2022, birds have been everywhere, including the names on ships.  Check AIS or the waters themselves and there’s a Southern Owl moored along the KVK and an STI Finchley anchored in Stapleton.

See the name on the blue tanker . . .

Phoenix Beacon!!!?  It’s an immortal bird.

While out powerwalking to stay warm while waiting for the cold pink ship the other day in SW Brooklyn, I saw a one of the NYC Ferry boats arrive.  Which one?

Great Eagle of course.    I’m not making this up.

And to reuse this photo from the other day to show the relative size of the tanker and the ULCV, what are their names?

Got that . . .  Great Eagle, ONE Hawk, and Owl 1, all not only birds but also predatory birds moving people or products for people.  To digress, someone told me the other day that owls intimidate eagles!  More on that later.

So here’s a question . . .  in this context of birds, what bird name would you assign to a barge–with green boxes in the foreground–that disposes of cast-offs, throwaways, and undesirable remnants?

All photos, Tuesday, WVD, who has to imagine it would be carrion bird like a crow or vulture, certainly smart, clean-up fowl.

If you’re new to this blog, I’ve done lots of posts on ships’ names, all started out by Surfer Rosa here and still going here

Going way beyond unrelated here, another question:  Given how many nations have the eagle as a symbol appearing on national symbols/coats of arms, why do so few have owls?  In this era of high-tech stealth, should the owl be more prominent?

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