You’ve seen all the brown, white, and now blue package trucks clogging the streets and roads, their drivers working ever longer hours as we take to online shopping.

These two Reynolds boats have nothing to do with that, but they do deliver foodstuffs, spares, and incidentals to ships at berths and in the anchorages.

The 1951 Twin Tube has been featured in many posts already, but when it comes to Christmas, I think of this boat, as well as 

ABC-1, the other Reynolds boat.  ABC-1 dates from 1941, a product of Bay Shipyard, launched as an L-boat, and subsequently T-473, Mariner, and now ABC-1.

She always seems to trudge along the waterways, but her track is steady and sure.

I wonder how many foreign seafarers have photos of the two Reynolds boats, since they and the bunkering boats might be the only sixth boro vessels they deal directly with, lifting the packages and bundles onto their ship.


All photos, WVD, who wishes you a happy day.