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I’m driving hundreds of miles today, so it seems a good time to update this chapter.

How’s this Rhino for an attention getter?  It likely belongs to this guy.


And I had to whip out my camera when I saw this truck..  .

Catering (and more) trucks always catch my attention,

like the appropriately named NYC LOVE Street Coffee truck I saw the other day on the UWS.  For a special coffee truck, check out these  . . .

Not all catering trucks dispense caffeine, like the one below, which

was dispensing drinks like these at the other end

of the day in this bucolic location.  I took these three in August and can’t believe I’ve not posted them yet.

Tasteless or otherwise, the initials here caught me eye . . .

How about “no prune in my spoon or tomato in my ladle . . . “?

I’ve always considered Lincoln Continentals as trucks . . .


I know I know . .  . but is it an Excalibur?

Directly from just north of Lake Pontchatrain, the name on this truck is extraordinary, although I’ve not had the chance [yet] to sample and savor.

My favorite of this batch, though, is this Rock Cats Rescue photo I took in New Orleans, or  . . .

as the organizer corrected me . . . . Mew Orleans.

OK, OK.  I’ll drive safe and leave the post here.

Thanks for reading.  All photos, WVD, who wishes you a happy, mindful, and safe holiday.

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