Is the Commander around here too?  How about the Mistress, although that name might cause some complications or misgivings.    Other names I’ve recently noticed on AIS approaching the sixth boro include Artemis Angler (great name for a research vessel, although I associate Artemis more with hunting than fishing) and King Baton Rouge.  King Red Stick would conjure up very different connotations.

For a very different set of associations, suppose you operated a company called Modern American Recycling Services, and you purchased a tugboat, like Paul T. Moran, which in fact they did.  What name would you choose to rechristen your boat?

The photos above in mine in the sixth boro, and the photo below comes from eastriver from somewhere.  I’m giving you more time to ponder my question here.  Remember the company name is Modern American Recycling Services.

And the new name is M.A.R.S. War Machine.  Now if you saw this name on your AIS for a vessel approaching from just over the horizon, would you change course just a little to ensure that it stays over the horizon?  That combo-name would summon thoughts of War of the Worlds

Photos by eastriver and WVD.

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