“Call me Capt. Anon or Krunch or Nemo or Underpants (which in French might be slip [pronounced “sleep”*] capitaine or . .  . ) no matter.”

I am grateful for the perspective provided by these photos.  So, thank you cap.  These were taken from the same  boat over the past month or so, which speaks to the distances traveled and vistas seen on the coastwise trade.

We’ll start with a departure southbound from familiar sixth boro, at least familiar to regular readers of this blog.

This is northbound off Florida, and shooting obviously into one’s wake and the fair distance of wire.  You’d not have this perspective with an ATB, which stays in push and pins.

Here’s departure from a Caribbean island, most likely heading south and then turning west.

Caribbean cloud formations and isolated rain storms treat those with this perspective.

Dawns and dusks and all the minutes between make a very big sky, and a scene

that’s always changing.

Many thanks to Kapitein Rob for these images from the tugboat.

*Sleep in Dutch would be pronounced “slape” or “sleigh” with a “p” at the end, and means tow.  Language is fun, right?