Not quite a month ago, I caught HOS Mystique‘s arrival in the boro here. The other morning I caught the 250 class MPSV from a closer vantage point.  

The H in HOS is Hornbeck.  Back when I started this blog in November 2006, Hornbeck had a fleet of tugs and barges, many of which are still a familiar sight passing through the boro as Genesis Energy, since about 2013. Find more on the Hornbeck family and series of companies here.

But to get back to HOS Mystique, she represents the smallest multi-purpose supply vessel at HOS at this time.

She came off the ways in December 2008 at Leevac Industries in Jennings LA, making her a Jones Act vessel.



So maybe someone can tell me why she carries no information about port of registry on her stern . . . .

All photos and any errors, WVD.