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0631.  I had planned to get photos Cape Edmont depart the sixth boro towed by Kurt J. Crosby . . . on Saturday morning.  When I saw on AIS that McAllister tugs were mustering at the opening of the Bayonne drydock, I thought they just would depart the drydock where it had spent the past months and then do some checks before leaving.

0638.  Sure . . . they’ll depart Saturday morning.  The tugs here are Bruce A., Gregg, Ellen, and Ava M. McAllister. Kurt J. is on the wall south of the drydock. 

0642.  By now Kurt J. had come off the wall.

0655.  Kurt J. was still tailing, but by

0717, Kurt J.  had moved to the bow of the ship, and I was wondering if I should change my plans for the day. 

By 0843, Sorensen Miller had followed the tow south into the Lower Bay, and by then, I was pretty sure I’d missed the boat.

Disappointing, but not the first time. Some gratuitous photos of the vessels then?  I never did get a good shot of the MSC MARAD ship.

And an previously unused photo of the big tug.  Does anyone have photos of this tugboat out of the water?  I’d love to see the propulsion configuration . . . the wheels.

Some days you catch the boat, or the fish, or ___, and then there are those other days.  Maybe my editor will assemble a staff?  

On that subject, I will be traveling inland starting from the 10th until October.  Road photos I’ll be able to do plenty when i have wifi, but that invaluable but anonymous staff will have to carry the water, do the lifting,  and/or take the photos . . . .

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