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During this part of August 36 years ago, Freeport boat builder Al Grover was headed for Europe, one of my favorite local stories.  Hear him tell parts of it here, and yes, he fell overboard during the trip.  Yes, he went to Europe in one of his own 26′ boats.


He had three Evinrude outboards strapped onto this transom for the crossing;  while the boat was on the other side of the Atlantic, of course he had to follow that huge coastline to overnight in the cove in front of Evinrude‘s ancestral home. There are lots of photos and a map in the link in the previous sentence. The inventor of the first practical and reliable outboard engine came to the US from Sweden when he was about five.

All photos in Freeport NY, WVD.  Pay respects to his feat along the nautical mile there.

Have a favorite local sea story?  We know there are more than commonly known.  Leave it in the comments?


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