Credits at the bottom . . . I took none of these photos.

Above and below . . . CMA CGM Jules Verne is the second 16k + teu vessel to call in the sixth boro.  She arrived at night and she departed at night.  Another interesting feature of this Explorer-class CMA CGM vessel is that not only is Jules Verne NOT an explorer per se, but the vessel first bore the name of a true explorer who is little-known in the Western world, Zheng He.     More about him at the end of this post.

Maersk Edinburgh is a big ship at 13k + teu, but Jules Verne caries three more stacks of containers.

Monty Python!@#!? 

General Rudder is the training ship of Texas A&M, and it’s in and around the sixth boro these days while the Texans borrow Empire State VI. Kennedy.  The vessel is named for a General whose last name was Rudder and who graduated from and later (after many other accomplishments became president of Texas A & M.  

Justin Zizes caught this photo of General Rudder as he met it sailing toward the Williamsburg Bridge

And finally a few great names from eastriver . . .  The Black Belt,

Yoga, and

You & Island. 

Photos thanks to Skip Mildrum, Justin Zizes, and eastriver.

Finally, I mentioned Zheng He:  he was a great explorer of the Indian Ocean, sailing seven voyages with hundreds of ships, tens of thousands of sailors.   The treasure ships were junk-rigged and over 400′ long.  So, divorced from politics, CMA CGM Zheng He would be an appropriate name, but someone objected.

And tangentially related . . .   two NAMELESS automated sailing fish census takers . . . a no-brainer considering how much any noise scares fish.