Birds and water tend to go together, but farther inland sometimes

you see captivating sights, birds exotic to me.

Rivers and lakes have these elongated birds. For the best photos of herons . . . a blog devoted entirely to these birds, check out babsje heron blog.  I’ve been reading it for years. 

The graceful birds get scared up as you approach and squawk, but then they land in a place you’ll scare them up again and again, and they squawk each time.


Ducks . . . nope these pekins are not wild…. ewie, lewie, and dewy . . 

Here’s my most interesting sighting recently. 

My guess is a juvenile yellow-crowned night heron.

This one was making his way along the rocks at the Narrows,

paying very close attention to the guy with the camera. 

All photos, the guy with the camera, WVD, who believes no one can spend time near or on the water and NOT develop an interest in birds.

Related:  I’ve not seen them, but this summer roseate spoonbills have frequently Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge in central New York west of Syracuse.  See a photographer’s photos here

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