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I knew it was not a container ship, not a tanker or bulker, fishing boat, lift boat, experiment, military vessel, a megayacht.  Despite the vertical structure, it’s not a sailboat, although it’s a wind boat. 

That makes it exotic.  For what it’s worth, I document as many of these vessels as possible because they are new to this port.  Wind has never been harvested here, the industry is in its infancy, and no one knows how it will grow.  When installation and maintenance vessels come on line, these vessels and this type of vessel may never return.  I think their presence needs recording, and that’s what I do inasmuch as I can.

Actually I’ve been waiting for the 1985 Geoquip Seehorn to come in, and intermittent drizzle and BQE traffic be damned, I was going to get the shots.

Geoquip Marine describes themselves as a company engaged in “geotechnical data acquisition.”

She recently added a GMR602 drill rig, to work in depths over 1100 feet.

I’d love to know something about the contents of those containers:  materials, instrumentation, spares, and who knows what else.

She arrived in our waters about six weeks ago from Amsterdam NL.  Click here to see her in a different livery.

Her previous names are Omalius and Normand Draupne.  As of posting today, Seehorn is back at work at the

Empire Wind site.

All photos, WVD.


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