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Send me more photos of old and rusty trucks . . . or old and restored trucks along the road? 

Here are more sights I saw along the road last month . . .

1940ish International pickup with a bony guy at the wheel?  Rusty trucks do seem to be attention-getters for businesses along two-lane roads.  Those businesses may once may have used the same vehicles.

I know I’ve seen this design before, but can’t quite place it . . .  Canadian Grumman postal LLV maybe?  Don’t worry . . . be happy.”

Brand new FDNY Navistar “brush trucks” ?

Volvo tractor is not so unusual, but an air dam with single rear axle is not common, and that trailer seems specially  designed to transport

this bridge inspection “bucket boat.”

I’d say this is a late 1950s Chevrolet Apache Stepside 32. 

A late 1960s Tucker Sno-Cat?  I pulled off the road, grabbed the pic, but now realize I should have lingered for more identification details . . .

I’m wondering . . . restoration or a custom fusion? From the “humpback” roof, I’d guess a Dodge.  Again, I should have lingered and gotten more photos.  On the other hand, the rain was coming down quite hard . . . 

All photos, WVD, who has received some of yours already and is planning an “other peoples photos” post with all trucks.

Now here‘s one I’d LOVE to see.

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