Not far from the East River yesterday and at an intersection checking for oncoming traffic,  I spotted this half a bock away from my intended path:  round fenders, distressed paint, and chrome stacks too?

I found the nearest parking spot and walked back, with spring to my step.  What is it?  The chrome spikes where trim pieces once attached revealed some attitude.  Hey, it must stem from pride, right?

The owner happened to be right there, so we talked.

News stories notwithstanding, you see vehicles like this all over the five boros surrounding the sixth, right?  So any identification?


And the ID is . . .

1949 Plymouth Business Coupe with a 1950s Willys pickup box molded into the trunk, making this . . .  what else . . .  a TRUCK. And besides the original-but-modified body and front clip, everything else makes this a throbbing epitome of speed.

All photos, WVD, who thanks to road miles recently logged has another Truckster! post already in the pipeline.   Always keep your camera ready!