Six years ago today, truckster was spawned here.  I’ve had fun with that, and if I see more old mobile or formerly mobile hardware along the ways, I’ll still stop and look closer.  By the way, any guesses on the make and year?  Answer is at the end of this post.

But all things must change . . .  especially when a for-the-birds idea turns into a dux nightmare, and gigantic ones start poking out of the fog.  Maybe this blog could focus on poultry a la duxster?

Do I want to go on with this, or should I let

sleeping muscovites just sleep . . . and sleep elsewhere?

Or a formal dress blog called tuxster?  With all the memes post-Ever Given, how about a blockage blog called stuckster?

Nah . .  . I’ll stick to tugster.  Count the tugs here?  Maybe we’ll reprise this busy photo

in tomorrow’s post.  For now . . .  that old truck is NOT a voltswagen . . . .

It’s a derelict 1938 Ford.

All photos . .  and lame humor, WVD.

See you at the parade today!