This photo was taken from the parking lot on the Belt Parkway, a half mile east of the VZ Bridge looking toward the Coney Island Light.  See the ship?   It’s the speck on the horizon almost dead center of the photo.  How far away would you guess it to be?

A few seconds later, the same ship here is magnified 12X.  

And again . . .  few seconds later but magnified 50X.  

Meanwhile, as you calculate the distance off above, here are some photos of the same vessel as it arrived in the boro about six weeks ago.

So guess in nautical miles with a decimal point?  Go back and look at the top photo again if you wish.

That was Kirby Moran on the starboard bow.

All photos, WVD.  According to my magic device, the ship was 5.6 nm away when the photo was taken.