Here are some posts that predate this one:  an uncovered cigarette boat in 2008, a shrink-wrapped yacht in 2009, a pilothouse ketch in 2017, Hornblower Hybrid leaving town last year, and there must be more . . .  See it up suspended there after coming off the ship?

The “cradle” is likely a 40′ flat rack like this one, in green.  The green device is an over-height lifting device which is attached to the crane’s spreader bar to handle over high flat racks, like this hull and like the excavator on the OOCL flat rack. (Thx to Cam for the correction. )

Since that standard size is 40′, what does that make the length of the sailboat hull?

Skip Mildrum took these photos last June.


I suppose the masts are around somewhere as well. Here are all the previous “cargoes” posts.

Many thanks to Skip for sharing these. 

Postscript:  Since this is a post about boats on ships and ships and boats in the port, why not a ship in a bowl?