This post features eight tankers, all photos taken in the past month or so. As you look through these, see if you can determine the following:  the longest, the shortest, the most capacious, three of exactly the same dimensions, the newest, and the oldest.

1.  LRI Carrier,

2.  BW Kronborg,

3.  Qikiqtaaluk W.


4.  Kibaz,

5.   Silver Ginny

6.  Dakota Strength

7. and 8.    Marlin Magnetic and Seapike

the longest:  LRI Carrier at 1076′

the shortest: Qikiqtaauk W. at 492′

the most capacious: Dakota Strength at 115878 dwt.  Although it’s shorter than LRI Carrier, it’s significantly beamier.

three of exactly the same dimensions:   Kibaz, Silver Ginny, and Marlin Magnetic at 600′ x 105′

the newest:  Marlin Magnetic . . . 2019

the oldest:  Kibaz  . . . 2004

all photos, data, WVD.